Spring Waters

Exceptionally smooth water from Lapland, unspoiled and extremely low in mineral content.

Extremely low mineral content

Water connoisseurs the world over state that the best tasting waters come from protected free-flowing springs. It is only natural that VEEN’s springs fall into this category. The source of VEEN’s spring waters lies hidden away from the world in the remoteness of Finnish Lapland. The water is filtered through an ice age till at the Konisaajo natural spring area in the Arctic wilderness of Lapland. The spring area is located near a small village called Tengelio between two hills. With just two people per sq.km, the location is practically regarded as wilderness. The hills are mainly layers of sand and gravel that were formed after the Weichsalian glacier during the early formation of the Baltic Sea.

VEEN’s Spring Waters’ virginality has been rated nothing less than superior. This means that the water is unspoiled by nitrate with 0 mg per litre. However, it is the unusual smoothness that separates VEEN’s Spring Water from Lapland from the rest. Smoothens is a characteristic that keeps surprising one with every mouthful. It comes from VEEN’s extremely low mineral content or TDS (total dissolved solids), which is 17.22 in Lapland – truly exceptional on a global level.

VEEN bottles its spring waters VEEN Velvet and VEEN Effervescent at the source in Lapland.

No Nitrate

Velvet Spring Waters

The smoothest spring water in the world, served in exclusive glass bottle with the ideal serving size of 0,66l for two people or 0,33 as single serve.

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Effervescent Spring Waters

Gentle sparkling water, not too bubbly, perfect complement in a culinary environment.

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Made for pairing

The extremely low mineral content in VEEN Velvet and Effervescent make them a favorite of wine connoisseurs, whiskey experts and the most celebrated chefs and restaurateurs.

The smoothness of the water cleanses your palate neutrally rather than adding any nuances of minerals, allow one to detect even the subtlest of tastes and aromas.

Fine Foods
Coffee & Tea

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