VEEN Story

Designed by northern wilderness

Finns don’t talk too much. But once we do, it usually leads to an action. A conversation between friends led to the birth of VEEN in December 2006. The pursuit for perfection hasn’t stopped since.

For us it’s not just about water, it is about life. We have a long history and legacy with water and Mother Nature. We nourish our knowledge and build up the water-how to find unique water sources and create products for specific purposes based on the characteristics of our waters.

The name VEEN is derived from Veen Emonen, Mother of Water as the Finnish Epic Kalevala has it. The goddess is revered by sailors and fishermen for bringing good fortune. The name is not only our way of celebrating Veen Emonen, but is also suggestive of the pure environment at the heart of which VEEN’s waters are found and sourced.

Veen was born out of desire and passion. We cherish our waters, the purest waters on the planet.

Passion makes us smile and that is a trait never to be underestimated.