Velvet & Effervescent, great for pairing

Velvet & Effervescent with Wine

The extremely low mineral content in VEEN Velvet and Effervescent make them a favorite of wine connoisseurs. That’s why many international sommeliers have chosen VEEN Velvet and Effervescent to complement their wines. In fact, in 2010 Fine Wine magazine chose VEEN Effervescent as the best water with wine. Today, numerous renowned vineyards use it as the reference water for wine tastings.

VEEN Velvet is excellent especially with red wine for it has a low TDS, thus making it fit to be consumed at room temperature. VEEN Effervescent finishes off nicely acidic, and is perfect for consumption with white wine. If you choose bubbles, we recommend you serve the water slightly chilled.

Velvet & Effervescent with Food

VEEN Velvet and Effervescent’s unique characteristic of extremely low TDS makes it go very well with fine food. The smoothness of the water cleanses your palate neutrally rather than adding any nuances of minerals.

This is why they are the preferred water choices of the most celebrated chefs and restaurateurs around the world.

Velvet & Effervescent with Whiskey

For all those whiskey connoisseurs who prefer a dash of water or soda with their favorite, VEEN Velvet & Effervescent are the preferred choice. The smoothness and exceptionally low mineral content allow one to detect even the subtlest of nuances in the spirit without adding any of its own nuances of minerals to the drink.

For those who prefer their whiskey on the rocks, we recommend the VEEN Ice Ball made from VEEN Velvet, the smoothest water in the world.

Velvet with Tea & Coffee

VEEN Velvet is perfect for brewing tea and coffee. Some of the leading hotels and restaurants around the world use VEEN Velvet to brew their fine harvest teas and exclusive blends of coffee.

The rare characteristic of near-zero minerals, ensure that the blends stay in their truest form, enhancing the entire tea/coffee brewing experience.