Supplier Information

How to send an invoice to VEEN Waters Finland Oy

VEEN Waters Finland Oy mainly prefers electronic invoices. To send invoices this way, please use our the following details:

OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503)
OVT 003720838409

Alternatively, companies can send us e-mail invoices. To send invoices this way, please use the following address:

Lastly, companies can use is document scanning, whereby invoices in paper shall be sent to the following address for scanning:

VEEN Waters Finland Oy PL10602,

Note: We will not directly receive paper invoices. If paper invoices are the only option you can use, we will decrease your payment by 5€ +VAT. By sending us an invoice you agree to these terms, and you may be asked to submit us either a new electronic invoice or a scanned one.